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    ELTI, originating from the Banbury English Language Training in Oxford, England, is now one of the leading English Schools in Indonesia. Its strong tradition of commendable service in English language training has made ELTI schools the centre of English studies for thousands of Indonesians. By improving their English at ELTI, children can improve their grades at school and professionals can increase their value to their company. Qualified teachers, friendly staff and favourable learning environment assist to build students’ skills, knowledge, and confidence.

    Founded in Jakarta in 1981, ELTI has successfully answered the needs of companies, schools and general public for better English. ELTI learning centres are located in Jakarta, Semarang, Solo and Yogyakarta. Its cooperation with several reputable government and private institutions has proven ELTI’s reputation in English training programmes. In 1989, ELTI became a part of Kompas Gramedia Group, one of the most outstanding business groups in the media industry in the country, and under the management of PT. Gramedia, ELTI has made steady progress up to now.


    Programmes and Services:

    * Public Classes
    * In-company Training
    * In-school Classes
    * Private Classes.

    Public classes are conducted on ELTI’s premises. Private classes are conducted on request by individuals or small groups – and can be held at ELTI, or on the students' premises - depending upon the agreement. In-company training – either using tailor-made material or using the available material -serves to meet the needs of professionals.

    ELTI offers the following programmes:

    1. General English Course
    The General English syllabus is designed to help students to master English for general purposes. It is a communication-centered programme which encourages students to use English. The levels are carefully graded from Elementary to Advanced, and the lessons at each level is based on detailed syllabuses. Students are placed in the appropriate level based on the results of their placement test. Progress tests are given on regular basis and a final examination is given at the end of the level. ELTI’s General English programme is one of the best of its kind. General English Course is for adult learners: Senior High School students, university and college students, housewives, employees who want to master English for general purposes.

    2. English for Kids and SLTP
    There are three sub-programmes, namely: English for Kindergarten Students, English for Elementary Students and English for Junior High School Students. Both English for Kindergarten and for Elementary students are designed to specifically introduce English as a means of communication to children as early as possible in order that they will develop a positive attitude towards the language. In the teaching and learning process, children are exposed to the language through interesting and fun classroom activities, and creatively-designed teaching media. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to use the language both with their teacher and with their peers. English for Junior High School Students is specifically designed to reinforce students’ knowledge of English, as they learn it at school, and to give them the opportunity to practise integrated language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through fun and interesting classroom activities, children are exposed to English. They are given as many opportunities as possible to use English through pair work, group work, simulations, mini dramas or role-plays, games and songs.

    3. English for Active Communication
    More and more university students in the final semester, recent graduates, and job hunters - like it or not – find that proficiency in English is one of the basic requirements to successfully compete in the job market. For professionals, the demand for English competence encourages them to improve their communication skills to advance in their careers.

    English for Active Communication is specifically designed to meet the needs of those who need English at their fingertips. Function-based curriculum and contextual activities are designed to make learning meaningful and enjoyable. Participants are encouraged to actively use English in the classroom. Group discussions, debates, role-plays, and presentations are emphasized to allow participants to practise real-life-situations in the classroom.

    4. English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
    In contrast to English for general purposes, ESP is different from other programmes in a sense that the material is related to a particular field or discipline, for example: a businessman presenting business strategies, or a secretary reporting the minutes to her supervisor. The courses make use of vocabulary and tasks related to the relevant fields, such as negotiation skills, or effective presentations. They have the common objective of increasing participants' skills and confidence in using English in the participants’ specific situations.. ESP programmes focus on developing communicative competence in specific fields, such as: Business English, English for Job Hunting,IELTS Preparation, English Training for Banking, English Training for the Medical Profession, English Training for Secretaries, English for Academic Purposes, Academic Writing, etc.

    In-Company Training
    As part of ESP programmes, In-Company Training is designed to meet the need of different industries. ELTI provides customized courses for companies based on the need analysis and specific objectives requested. The learning activities can be either at the client's companies or at ELTI premises.

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